Western Europe Tour


Summary of the trip:

1 Paris, France


Sacré Cœur, Paris, France

Paris is the capital of romance and love. The city of lights. And there’s nothing like walking along quintessential Paris with the Eiffel Tower in your backdrop as you bite down on a crunchy croissant. Make your way towards the chic boutiques and stores with your shoes making clicking sounds on the city’s famous cobble stoned pavement. Grab a bite in one of many Michelin Starred restaurants in the area, as you get a taste of true French cuisine. Feast your eyes on world-renowned destinations such as the Louvre Museum, Arc de Triomphe, Orsay Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, Père Lachaise Cemetery, The Moulin Rouge, and the Sacré-Cœur Basilica.

From Paris to Geneva

Travel time: 3h5

2) Geneva, Switzerland


Château de Chillon, the island castle on Lake Geneva

Welcome to Geneva, one of Europe’s most modern cities and the home of the United Nations and International Red Cross, the offices of which you can visit. Treat yourself to some retail therapy on the Rue de Marché where Switzerland’s most prominent brands may tempt you to go on a spending spree. Set your sights on Western Europe’s tallest mountain Mont Blanc, which is Interlaken is Switzerland’s (and perhaps Europe’s) adventure-sport mecca, where anything goes – from world-class snowboarding and skiing pistes, to paragliding and skydiving above the sparklingBrienz and Thun lakes, or plunging through white rapids aboard a raft.visible from the city center.

From Geneva to Interlaken

Travel time:4h26

3) Interlaken, Switzerland


Awesome views at Interlaken

Interlaken is Switzerland’s centre for adventure-sport. You can opt to go snowboarding and skiing pistes, to paragliding and skydiving above the Brienz and Thun lakes. You can even go plunging through white rapids on a raft.

From Interlaken to Innsbruck

Travel time:6h12

4) Innsbruck, Austria


Goldenes Dachl (Golden Roof), Innsbruck, Austria

The first thing you’ll see when you step out of the station to Innsbruck is the mountain range that encloses the entire Austrian town. This old town is the city’s beloved hub, where bright-coloured medieval buildings are, and the place where you can find the famed Goldenes Dachl (Golden Roof).

Travel time:1h49

5) Salzburg, Austria


Known for the location of the famed “Sound of Music,” and the birthplace of one of the best composers in music, “Mozart,” this city will leave you singing in delight. It is the 4th largest city in Austria and world famous for its baroque architecture. It’s city center is so beautifully well-preserved and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Salzburg means “Salt Fortress”, and comes from the barges carrying salt on the Salzach river, which were subject to tax in the 8th century.

Hohensalzburg Fortress, Salzburg, Austria

From Salzburg to Munich

Travel time:1h28

6) Munich, Germany


Marienplatz, Munich, Germany

Munich is right in the heart of Germany. Make sure to go during Oktoberfest where you’ll be drinking your heart away with millions of other people. Held annually, this is Deutschland’s most popular festival where all things German is celebrated.

From Munich to Berlin

Travel time:6h1

7) Berlin, Germany


Berlin is the capital city of Germany, and also the largest city in the country. Berlin is most famous for its history, and it shows in their internationalism and tolerance, booming nightlife, its numerous cafés, clubs, pubs, bars, art, and lots of museums, palaces, and historical sites. The architecture in Berlin is rather diverse. Even though it was severely damaged in the last years of World War II and torn apart during the Cold War, Berlin has risen from the ashes and rebuilt itself after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany

From Berlin to Amsterdam

Travel time:6h21

8) Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands. It is the country’s biggest city and where the heart of all financial, cultural, and creative matters lie. It’s name comes from “Dam” of the river “Amstel.” It is regarded as the Venice of the North due to its thousands of canals and bridges. This city has something to offer for everyone, whether you’re a party maniac, or a quaint, quiet city fan.

From Amsterdam to Bruges

Travel time:2h14

9) Bruges, Belgium


Bruges, Belgium

This city was the set of the hit movie “In Bruges.” It is everything you expected to see, and so much more. Go up the 366 steps of the medieval bell tower, “Belfry,” which is the city’s most iconic symbol.