5 Facts About Chinese Tourists in Europe

Chinese tourists have quickly took over the world. When it comes to vacationing, the Chinese are number 1 in number and even noise. Yes, our Asian brothers have invaded cities across the world to experience foreign beauty and culture. Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about Chinese tourists.

1. The number of overnight stays by Chinese tourists in all German states totalled to 2.03 million.

2. The popular destinations in Germany by Chinese tourists are Bremen, Hannover, Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Potsdam, Berlin, Dresden, Welmar, Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhait, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Badem Wurttemberg, Nuremberg, Bavaria, Stuttgart, Bamberg, Munich, Konigsee, Zugsppitze, Neuschwanstein, and Heidelberg.

3. Family tours are quite popular among Chinese tourists.

Over half of Chinese Outbound tourists are the post-80s. Thus, family tours with minor children have featured in Chinese Outbound tourism as a way to broaden their horizons. They account for over 56.21% of outbound tourists. While post-70s account for 26.41%. Post-60s and those born before 1960 account for 6.11% of the Chinese tourist population. 11.27% account for the post 90s population.

4. The individual monthly incomes of Chinese outbound tourists are as follows:

800-1300 US dollars account for 24.51% of the population

Less than 800 US dollars account for 17.32% of the population.

USD 1300-1600 account for 17.95%.

USD 1600-2400 account for 17.95% of the population

USD 2400 and above account for 22.6% of the population.

So, it’s a steady mix if I do say so myself.



5. The individual monthly income of tourist traveling to Europe and US is higher than those visiting Japan, South Korea, or South East Asia.

Most group tourist earns less than 1300 USD per month. Becoming a good individual tourist is just like learning autocad, it takes a lot of practice.

5 Facts About European Top Destinations

The info on this article is largely based on travel intent data from 5,000 travel websites for travel dates June 1 to August 30. Here are some facts about European destinations by European tourists.

1. The top booked place in Europe is Paris garnering 15% of the total of visits.

The top searched is London at 23% and it is also the number two booked European destination at 13%, fairing closely with Paris. However, the top global destination in the world remains to be the big apple–New York City. This data is based on top 10 destinations by region searched and booked on third-parties, including OTAs, tour operators, and vacation rental sites, for travel from Europe for June 1 – August 30 from nSight data.


2. Northern European travelers’ number 1 booked destination is New York, and Orlando is number 8.

Western Europeans booked New York and Las Vegas as top cities.

Eastern European booked Rome as the number 1 and number 8 is Dubai.

Southern Europeans 6 of 10 top search cities are in Spain.

What an eclectic bunch, right? It just goes to show that preference depends greatly on geographical location and culture.


3. The majority of travel is within Europe at 60%. The number 1 non-US destination outside of Europe is Cyprus.

While the top booked is Vancouver, then Dubai.

4. The top US travel when it comes to Europeans are in the coasts with a slight preference for New York, Boston, Washington DC, and Florida. And of course who could leave out, LA and San Francisco.

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4 Reasons To Learn French Today

Before you go on that Paris trip, maybe it’s good for you to brush up on your French. Here are 4 good reasons why you should learn the language.

1. The French language has the second-highest number of words after English.

You probably recognize some of them. These are apertif, pamplemousse, baguette, salut, deja vu, sabotage, champagne, bon voyage, chataeu, adieu, a la carte, femme fatale, and potpourri. These are the delicious french words that have made its way into our day to day lives.


2. French is ranked the 2nd most influential language in the world.

With the proliferation of cool French films, who can resist studying the language of romance? French truly is sexy and influential. When somebody speaks French, you instantly get engaged in the talk. You just get drawn to that person. That’s why it’s the 2nd most influential language in the world.

3. French is the official language of the UN, the International Red Cross, NATO, and the Olympic committee

So if you ever feel like joining any of these powerhouse groups, you better up brush up on your French as soon as possible. It certainly won’t hurt your chances of getting in if you study up.



4. French is the 11th most spoken language in the world

French is an official language in 29 countries. Did you know that? That’s why it will never go to waste if you study this language.

5. There are over 525 French language universities in the world.

6. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp speak French.

Learning French is like learning cad, you just need practice, practice, practice.

5 Things To Love About France

There are plenty of things to love about France with its breathtaking cathedrals that are steeped in history. Its lavender covered fields, the perfect cafe au lait, and so much more. We’ve narrowed six things to really love about France.

1. It’s the most visited country ever

in fact, each year, the number of visitors outnumbers the country’s population. That’s how much the world loves France. Much ado has been said about France, but it certainly doesn’t disappoint. When you go to this great country, you will be amazed not only by its amazing architectural wonders, but also its food, culture, and history.

2. There are 36 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Hexagon.

These are the Carcassonne, Mont-Saint-Michel, and the Loire Valley to name a few. France is home to many of the world’s most beautiful world heritage sites.


3. There’s only one stop sign in the entire city of Paris.

People simply don’t have the time to stop in this bustling city. Everyone is on the move.

4. Not everyone loved the Eiffel Tower.

Guy de Maupassant is said to have eaten lunch at the tower every day since it was the only place in the city where he wouldn’t have to look at the structure. He probably wanted to have 屏風隔間 whenever he would eat at the outdoor cafes overlooking the structure. That’s right, he thought it was a hideous sight. Today, nearly 7 million yearly visitors would totally disagree with the guy. The Eiffel tower is the source of great pride among the French people.


5. The Napoleon complex was born here

Despite the fact that the emperor was of average height, he is still portrayed as a tiny man.

7 Facts About Tourism in Ireland

Ireland is known for many things. The leprechaun is one. The birth place of St. Patrick’s Day. It is also the set of so many romantic comedies. More than you can imagine.

Here are other facts about the tourists and tourism in Ireland.

1. The purpose of travel of Ireland tourists are for holiday, visiting friends or family, business trips, and other.

Holiday is at 49%, and visiting friends or family is at 34%, business trip is at 5%, and others at 12%.

2. Ireland’s tourists came largely from Great-Britain.

Next would be from Mainland Europe, then North America, then a teeny weeny from the rest of the world.


3. Dublin got 31% of the tourism in Ireland.

With an average spend of 489 euros in 2013 and 73% of holidaymakers stay between 1-3 nights.

We always recommend staying with a homestay family. They make the best hosts. Ireland is known for its world class hospitality. It’s what made romantic comedies romantic in the first place. When the couple decides to stay in a stranger’s house, and they end up making love.


4. Ireland’s most popular visitor attractions are the Guiness storehouse, the Dublin Zoo, and the Cliffs of Moher visitor experience.

5. Ireland and Britain are more connected than you think.

Up to 1 in 4 people in Britain has some Irish heritage. Including 50,000 Irish-born directors of British companies.

6. Ireland is the UK’s 5th biggest market when it comes to trading in goods and services.

The UK is Ireland’s biggest market. It is bigger than China, India, and Brazil. They trade everything from washing machines, 宏閩洗衣 and construction materials, and pharmaceuticals.

7 Facts About the Country of France

France is indeed a beautiful country. Here are some facts that will let you know the country even more.

1. The currency in France is the Euro

2. The population of France in 2011 is 63,460,000.

92% of the people in France are French, while 4% are Arab or North African, 2% are German, 1% are Breton, and 1% are Catalan. It is heavily populated with pure French people, that’s why the French are known to be inclusive.


3. The workforce distribution of France is as follows: 71.% are in services, 24.4% are in industry, 4.1% are in Agriculture, and 10.1% are unemployed.

4. The most populous city in France is Paris. Next is Lyon, then Marseille, then Lille, then Toulouse.

5. The energetic production in France is largely based upon nuclear sources. Second to it is hydro, then fossil fuels, then other sources.



6. The most-searched destinations in France are Paris at 21.5%, then Bordeaux at 15.5%, then Marseilles at 11.5%, then Toulouse at 10.65, then Lille at 9.7%.

Next up are Montpellier at 9.5%, Biarritz at 6.5%, Nice at 5.5%, Cannes at 4.9%, Nantes at 4.7%.

7. Did you know that 150 thousand pounds can get you a 3 bedroom house in Languedo-Roussillion.

That’s right. You can own a beautiful stone house with great amenities with that much money in France. It will also get you a 4 bedroom villa in Franche-Comte.

8. The highest point in France is Mont Blanc with a height of 4,810 meters.

9. Land use in France consists of 33.85% in arable land, 2.07% in permanent crops, and 64.4% in other uses like property.

9. The area of France covers 547,030 square kilometers, and 0.255% water. With so much land available, maybe you can even set up a  business here.

4 Facts On Health and Wellness in the UK

People all over the world are becoming fatter and unhealthier by the minute. And although tourism and health don’t really have a direct link, they are intertwined inevitably.

A healthy population is a marketable population after all.

Here are 6 facts on health and wellness in the UK.


1. 1 in 3 people perceive themselves as very or quite healthy in the healthy.

That means to say that 2 out of 3 people think they are not healthy. That’s a huge chunk of the population if I do say so myself. It is known that health is lowest in the UK, closely followed by the USA, Asia, and Oceania.

2. 47% say they’re at least fairly fit.

However the UK is one of the lowest in terms of claimed fitness levels, along with Denmark, Germany, Poland, and Russia. This is a grim outlook for the future of the UK. How else is a country going to prosper if its people are unhealthy.


3. The UK is in line with the global average of 1 in 5 obese people.

A further 2 in 5 are overweight. Whereas 3/4 in USA and Australia are overweight or obese.

4. Annual medical, sleeping, exercise, and healthy eating are the most common ways to try to prevent problems.

There is no going around the road to health. When it comes to taking care of yourself, you really need to invest time and even money. You have to put in some sweat if you want to stay on top of your health game.

With a healthy population is a healthy country performance. Let’s make the UK as ripe for tourists as possible.

4 Facts About Tourism in the Eu

Touring around the countries that belong in the EU is indeed an opportunity of a lifetime. An experience only a few in this world can have. However, going to at least one country in the EU is much more achievable. In today’s modern world, the EU is closer than ever. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you’ll find yourself touring the Louvre in France, or riding gondolas in Venice.

Here are 5 facts about tourism in the EU to make you love the congregation even more.

1. International tourist arrivals in 2011 amounted to 504 million in the EU. 79 million of that are from France, 57 million from Spain, and 46 million from Italy.

These are the powerhouse countries that really stand out among the rest. These truly make a name for themselves and have a trademark culture, history, food, and art. These countries are not messing around in the global arena when it comes to tourism. Each country has a spectacular thing to offer.


2. The top destinations in Europe are London, Rome, Paris, Istanbul, Barcelona, Berlin, Florence, Prague, Dublin, and Amsterdam.

These cities are what makes up the international arena of tourism. Each has something unique to bring to the table that just keeps tourists coming back for more. Industries are booming in this part of the world. Even businesses like manufacturing is setting up shop here.


3. 40% of EU citizens didn’t go on holiday for financial reasons.

While 44% of EU citizens travelled by car or motorbike in 2010.

4. The top 3 museums in the EU by visitors are the British Museum in London, Louvre in Paris, and National Gallery in London.

10 Facts About E-Commerce In Northern Europe

E-commerce is definitely on the rise in Northern Europe. Let’s take a closer look at the phenomenon with these 7 facts.

1. The total B2C E-commerce 2013 of goods and services are 364.3 billion euros in Europe. 317.9 billion euros in the EU, and 33.2 billion euros in Norther Europe.

2. E-commerce GDP totaled 1,349 billion euros at one point.

3. The national e-commerce association of Norway is D Handel, in Denmark it’s FDIH, in Finland, it’s the Finnish Commerce Federation, and in Finland it’s Verkk Teollisuus.


4. The average spending per e-shopper in Northern Europe is at 1,780 euros.

5. The internet penetration of e-shopping is at 88%.

6. The ranking in NOrthern Europe in turnover goes like this: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Iceland, Latvia, and then Estonia.

7. 32.2 million people live in Northern Europe, while 29.2 million people use the internet, and there are 18.7 million e-shoppers there.

That’s a whopping 33.2 billion euros in turnover with e-commerce goods and services with 46% in services and 54% in goods.


8. 13.5 million households now engage in e-commerce.

That’s how e-commerce has trickled down to individual households in Northern Europe. There are even popular e-bidding auction sites that sell items like hotcakes. I’m telling you, the business of e-commerce in Northern Europe is booming, and people are quickly capitalizing over this, with them turning to the internet to advertise and sell their goods and services.

9. Estimated share of online goods in total retail of goods is at 7.2%.

10. There is an estimated 18 million people who engage in social media, which gives marketers a great opportunity to branch out in this department. People are now working hard behind their 辦公桌 to come up with good strategies to garner customers in the online world. Hurry, and be part of this booming trend. Even tourism can learn something from this strategy.

Top 5 Jobs In Demand in the UK

The UK is surely a land full of promise. It’s the birth place of The Beatles and Harry Potter. People flock here looking for opportunity, and they don’t get disappointed. There is a job waiting for you in the UK, however, there are jobs that are more in demand than others. These are as follows.


1. Skilled Trades

This refers to handyman jobs like repairmen, electricians, plumbers, welders, etc. This really requires some craftiness on your part. And if you simply haven’t learned the skill yet, you won’t be accepted. It’s best to prepare.

2. Engineers

People in the UK need people to design their buildings, highways, machines, etc. This is really a high-level job that needs lots of education and training. You can’t fake skill and knowledge when it comes to engineering.

3. Drivers

Just like the queen needs a driver, so do the posh people of the UK. This job is in demand now, as more and more people want to be mobile. In a fast-paced world, someone who fetches and brings you to places is a very useful factor.


4. Admin and Office Support for online internet sales and promotions, such as FaceBook, YouTube, etc.

People who work behind desks are in demand right now.

5. Chefs or cooks

You’ve heard the rumors about food in the UK. Let me tell you it directly, it sucks. That’s why they need chefs from other countries to spice up their lives. UK food tends to be dry and dreary, so they get manpower from other countries.